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Tidying Up

From here on, the steps you take will be governed by your own taste and local settings, but here are a few things that worked on this project. Pre-edited versions of some of the files mentioned can be downloaded as a zip file here. Don't forget to make backup copies of any files you replace.

Now that users can only log in through Joomla, it seems like a good idea to make sure the login component is available on every page, which you can do through Joomla (Modules>Site Modules)

For the same reason, you'll probably want to get rid of some of the surplus login links in phpBB by editing overall_header.tpl in phpBB/templates/subsilver or its equivalent in your theme of choice. Alternatively, you could leave the links in place (with the exception of the "log out" link which is completely non-functional) and make changes to the file "lang_main.php" in phpBB's languages directory so that the captions on the change password boxes say "*** - Password Changes Disabled" or somesuch, so that users won't waste their time on a redundant mechanism. This latter has the advantage that you can keep phpBB profiles, which is a nice bonus. You may also choose to redirect the user back to the main Joomla site after logging out of phpBB which you can do by editing joomphpbb_engine.php.

To clean up the styles and make Coppermine sit more comfortably in its Joomla container, edit gallery/themes/classic/template.html,style.css, style2.css and gallery/include/ The main joomla themes directory has a file called template_css.css which can be usefully edited too, depending on the style you're using. The exact nature of the changes will vary according to the template you're using of course, but try saving a copy of the page locally and opening it in a WYSIWYG editor such as Dreamweaver, which should help you isolate what you need to change.

Obviously, squeezing a whole application inside the Joomla window is going to make things pretty tight, so it's a good idea to rearrange the menus in Joomla to make best use of the screen real-estate. For example, if the site uses components on both left and right hand sides coppermine and phpBB are likely to push the right-hand components out of the window, so try arranging the items into only the left or top regions, or configuring some of the items to appear on the right but only on certain pages such as the home page, rather than on the more crowded areas of the site.

To make matters more complicated, one user noticed that if a post contained a very long url in raw format it would break the layout because phpBB would not attempt to wrap the text. To get around this, some of the regular expressions were adjusted in phpBB's include files to turn
<a href=""> Web Link </a>
which has the advantage that it would work for all posts already in the system and any that might be posted in the future. An altered version of this file (bbencode.php) is included in the zip file. It should be uploaded to phpBB's /includes directory.

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