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Social Care System Implementation

KewBSL has a strong background in supporting the implementation of modern social care systems such as Liquidlogic's LCS and LAS, OCC's ContrOCC finance module and Servelec Mosaic

The key to our approach lies in mixing a first-hand knowledge of working in the front line of social care with a sound understanding of the underlying technology and how it meets the standards laid down by government for information management and reporting.

It's been a long road! We've been working with local authorities since 2005 when there was a big push to standardise children's social care recording by implementing ICS. In recent years, the government's approach to case recording in children's social work in particular has become lighter and less controlling and many authorities have - understandably - sought to make their systems more flexible and user-friendly. Kew Business Services has played a part in assisting this process at several boroughs, developing forms and workflows, in collaboration with practitioner user-groups, and offering a view on what is technically possible, what is compatible with reporting, and what the effects would be, both during the period of transition, and in the longer term.

We have also developed Business Objects Universes for ad-hoc queries of data, and others linking the social care and education databases, to enable corporate parents to ensure the children for whom they are responsible are meeting their full academic potential.

Frameworki and Mosaic

KewBSL have supported eleven different local authorities to implement Servelec's core Mosaic system or its predecessor Frameworki made by Corelogic. This help has included everything from training, floorwalking, writing statutory returns, configuration, helpdesk and data migration services.

Liquidlogic and ContrOCC

To date, KewBSL have supported the implementation of Liquidlogic and ContrOCC systems at three local authorities; two with LCS and one with both LAS for adult services and ContrOCC for finance

Legacy Systems

The systems from which we have extracted data as part of a migration project into a newer case recording system are almost too numerous to mention, since they often include bespoke databases assembled in Excel or Access, but the larger systems have included Northgate SWIFT, OLM Carefirst, Careworks, Care Director, Capita One and My Care Record. Interfaces with external systems such as SAP, Aggresso, and various document management systems need to be taken into account too, of course in order that the new software system is able to function as part of the wider organisational ecosystem.

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